Instructor, University of Georgia

ENGL 1102: First Year Composition (Spring 2020, 2021)

ENGL 1101: First Year Composition (Fall 2019, 2020, 2021)

Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University

Gothic Literature (Spring 2019)

U.S. Pop Culture and the World (Fall 2018)

Autobiography & Self Portrait (Spring 2018)

Race and Culture in the U.S. (Fall 2017)



Writing Center Consultant, UGA (2021-2022)

Editorial Assistant, UGA Press (Fall 2021)

Assistant Fiction Reviews Editor, SFRA Review (2020-present)

UGA Press xPD Graduate Internship, UGA Press (Summer 2021)

Preparing for Fieldwork in Archives Training Course (Spring 2019)

Digital Presence Fellows Program (Spring 2019)

Workshop in Scholarly Publishing series (Spring 2019)


PhD Representative to the Graduate Committee, UGA (AY 2020-2021)

Travel Funding Committee Member for AEGS (Fall 2018 – Spring 2019)

Moderator for Legacies of the Enlightenment, East Lansing, MI (October 5-7, 2018)

Course Work

“Writing Center Theory and Practice.” Prof. Rebecca Hallman Martini (Fall 2021)

“Media Ecologies, Resource Ecologies, Literature.” Prof. Richard Menke (Spring 2021)

“Composition Theory and Pedagogy.” Prof. Rebecca Hallman Martini (Spring 2021)

“Victorian Literature: The Dramatic Monologue and Historical Poetics.” Prof. Tricia Lootens (Fall 2020)

“Academic Writing.” Prof. Rebecca Hallman Martini (Fall 2020)

“Tolkien and Apocalypse.” Directed reading with Prof. Jonathan Evans (Spring 2020)

“Introduction to EECP (Environmental Ethics Certificate Program).” Prof Alfie Vicks (Spring 2020)

“Environmental Aesthetics.” Prof. Pier Stephens (Spring 2020)

“Old English Literature.” Prof. Jonathan Evans (Spring 2020)

“Nineteenth-Century British Periodicals.” Directed reading with Prof. Richard Menke (Spring 2020)

“Old English.” Prof. Jonathan Evans (Fall 2019)

“The Romantics.” Prof. Casie LeGette (Fall 2019)

“Teaching First Year Composition (Practicum).” Profs. Nathan Kreuter and Sara Steger (Fall 2019)

“The Interface.” Prof. Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Spring 2019)

“Theories and Methods of Popular Cultures.” Profs. Ann Larabee & David Stowe (Spring 2019)

“The Nature of Representing Nature.” Prof. Ellen McCallum (Fall 2018)

“Transnational Decadence and Modernism.” Prof. Kristin Mahoney (Fall 2018)

“Readings in Nordic Mythologies and Sagas.” Independent study with Prof. Gary Hoppenstand (Spring 2018)

“Literary Criticism and Theory.” Prof. Salah Hassan (Spring 2018)

“As if the Apocalypse has Already Happened: Ecology and Humanity at the End of the World (as We Know It).” Prof. Scott Michaelsen (Spring 2018)

“Race-shifting in Transatlantic Literature of the 1700s.” Prof. Ned Watts (Fall 2017)

“Genre and Narrative Theory in Popular Fiction.” Prof. Gary Hoppenstand (Fall 2017)