Originally published, anonymously, in Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, Issue 17: Saturday, May 26, 1832.   I have much pleasure in bringing under the notice of the people of Great Britain generally, an institution calculated to be of the greatest service in the diffusion of knowledge, but which is as yet little known beyond the limits of a particular district in Scotland. About forty years ago, or shortly after the impulse given to the public mind by the revolution in France, an urgent demand began to be manifested over most parts of Scotland for the perusal of instructive publications, less limited in their range in literature thanRead More →

Recently I wrote an article for Tor.com about Éowyn. In it, I suggested that the Shieldmaiden and Faramir give up war and become pacifists. It seems that a lot of people were unhappy with my comment–or they at least disagreed–so I’m writing this to explain what I couldn’t in that article: exactly how I came to that conclusion and what evidence supports my claim. Obviously there isn’t the space even here to explain everything: that’s what I do in my thesis. However, I can say that I came to that conclusion after almost a hundred pages of intense research, analysis, and argumentation. I can’t reproduceRead More →