I’m a devoted student of words in the midst of a long journey whose goal is a PhD in English Literature. You can find me hanging out anywhere from the early nineteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries, where my research interests bring me into conversation with fantastic literatures, mythology and folklore, eco-paganism, Catholic mysticism, and ethno-nationalism. My specialty, though, is Tolkien studies, a space in which I exist as both a fan and a scholar.

I hold a BA in English and Humanities from Milligan University, an MA in Literature in English from Michigan State University, and recently began my journey through the PhD program in English Lit from the University of Georgia.

When I’m not researching, writing, or planning classes for school, I spend my time drawing portraits, blogging for Tor.com, visiting my favorite local nature haunts, and socializing with cats and kittens at the local humane society.

This site is under construction, so please be forgiving!